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Dinosaurs were once the largest animals on earth and dominated it for millions of years. So, when the Cedar Fair Company wanted to re-create the magnitude and scale of these ferocious reptiles and attract visitors to their "Dinosaurs Alive” attraction, they turned to MMT. MMT installed three dinosaurs in all: a Tyrannosaurus Rex in Cleveland, Ohio and two Stegosauruses, one each in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cincinnati, Ohio. The T-Rex weighs approximately 2,200 pounds and was created using a steel frame for support and mounting, hand sculpted foam and a urethane hard coat. With MMT, these prehistoric reptiles were transported from the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods to Modern Day American. RAWR!
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MetroMedia Technologies is the industry leader in large format printing, outdoor advertising graphics and billboard printing. We have been "turning heads" since
we revolutionized the Outdoor Advertising industry in 1987 with our proprietary digital paint system for large format graphics.
We welcome you to contact us for a quote on your next billboard printing / grand format printing project.

MMT is credited with modernizing the way Outdoor ad campaigns are branded as well as dramatically elevating the perception of the medium. MMT operates
production facility in Wooster, OH in addition to 7 U.S. sales offices. The company has a strong global presence with offices and affiliates in 5 countries.
With worldwide facilities located in the United States, Australia, China, South Korea, Dubai, and Beirut, MMT can reformat your images and output them
with the same digital precision anywhere in the world!


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